Street Art With Je Ne Sais Quoi Livens Up Los Angeles


picture of woman with butterflies

WHO: French-born street artist Punk Me Tender keeps his identity secret, but his works have amassed a celebrity following. 

WHAT: Whether it’s graffiti, painting or photography, his pieces are imbued with the fantastical and the unexpected. Recent projects include a mural at the Line Hotel’s new club, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and a pop-up at Fred Segal Sunset.

WHY: Inspiration comes from the intersection of gritty street life and couture fashion, which the artist takes to a hyper-glamorous state with dynamic colors and painting techniques, Swarovski crystals and silk flowers.

IN HIS WORDS: “I love to utilize Instagram to showcase my artwork. It allows for an unfiltered exchange of emotions with the audience and I can focus on my artwork, not my appearance. The beauty of Instagram is its ability make an image travel the world virtually. No other platform can do this for you.”

orange, yellow and red butterfly

man on top of blue building