Get Your Stationery Fix At Sugar Paper’s New Store


Sugar Paper Newport Beach

At a time when text and emails seem to be edging out all other forms of communication, we find it that much more exciting to come across a brand that values the elegance and romanticism of a handwritten note as much as we do.

Step in, Sugar Paper.

The letterpress stationery company, which got its start in Los Angeles, has opened a new location in Newport Beach, California.

The store — which began welcoming customers July 16 — boasts a collection of chic stationery and announcement cards, as well as an assortment of bespoke accessories. Plus, shoppers at this locale can add a little touch of individuality to each purchase by taking advantage of the store’s on-site, next-day monogramming service.

While the new location indicates the growing success and expansion of the brand, the store is also aesthetically pleasing. Co-founders Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker enlisted the help of Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, of Studio LIFE.STYLE, to translate the clean, airy ambiance of their pioneer L.A. location for the coastal locale.

“The design intent was to provide Sugar Paper with a beautiful white jewel box to let the product speak for itself, staying true to the Sugar Paper brand,” the Studio LIFE.STYLE team explains. “The end result is elevated and luxe, but still approachable and laid-back for a Newport Beach feel.”

Check out our Q&A with Sugar Paper’s co-founder Chelsea Shukov, below, and scroll through the images to find an excellent excuse to sit down and write a note.

Sugar Paper Newport Beach

Sugar Paper Newport Beach

Sugar Paper Newport Beach

Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper Newport Beach


What does this new shop mean for your brand?

It marks growth for the brand; we’ve found that the value of the handwritten note is becoming more meaningful as digital communication becomes more of a commodity.

Describe Sugar Paper with 3 adjectives.

Classic, Clean, High-Quality

What are your favorite items in the shop?

Our custom work is what we do best; the bespoke stationery and announcements are always a favorite. We also love that this shop offers same day monogramming for last-minute gifts.

Describe your partnership with co-founder Jamie Grobecker in 3 adjectives.

Honest, Loyal, and Hysterical (We laugh a lot!)

Tell us about your love for correspondence.

We write a lot. I personally write several notes a week and always use a Sugar Paper pen on my personal stationery. We each have several styles. We have personal stationery that’s playful, personal stationery that’s a bit more buttoned up, and we have company stationery that has both of our names on it. Our children all have personal stationery, as do our husbands… Our stationery drawers are quite full.

What does your ideal day of shopping look like?

Ideal: Alone, no time limit, and a lunch with wine to cap it off. We both have small children so that scenario is pretty rare these days.

What is one trend you hope never goes out of style?

Ballet flats. And I do love a cute handkerchief tied around the neck…

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