Sustainability Spotlight: 4 Texan Designers Share Their Techniques


These LUXE Next in Design 99 pros reveal how they are inspiring change through sustainable techniques across Texas.

Kate Blocker Considers Sustainability In Her Day-To-Day


Kate Blocker standing in a white button-down shirt with a necklace.


Kate Blocker, Kate Blocker Design: “As a mother to two young daughters, I feel obligated to ensure I’m considering sustainability both in my day-to-day life and in my design projects. Most importantly, I make every effort to partner with local bespoke companies such as Growler Domestics, Under Cover Upholstery and Cush Cush Design. I also work with a slew of talented resident artisans and installers across all trades. They take their craft and their impact very seriously, so I love to support that.”

Emily June Spanos Makes Use Of  Treasured Antique Pieces


Emily June Spanos in a green dress sitting on a countertop


Emily June Spanos, Emily June Designs: “Rather than sourcing all new furniture and accessories, I like to use antiques or clients’ existing furnishings whenever possible. By re-covering old pieces and making use of antiques, we highlight the sustainability of using well-made items that will last for generations. As a bonus, we are able to showcase treasured pieces that clients have collected over the years, often in new ways, which adds to the individuality of their space.”

Jessica Maros Suggests Practicing Mindful Consumption


Jessica Maros sitting on a cream couch in a cream silky dress.


Jessica Maros, Maros Designs: “I believe we can live beautifully with less. To help our clients declutter, we have them complete a questionnaire before purchasing anything new to ensure their items still align with their lifestyle and design vision. A few tips to consider: practice mindful consumption; select furnishings that serve multiple purposes; and opt for eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. By incorporating these principles, you can make more intentional and sustainable design decisions that support your well-being and reduce environmental impact.”

Alexis Pearl Pushes To Use Natural Materials In All Projects


Alexis Pearl in a navy-blue button-down dress sitting on a couch


Alexis Pearl, Alexis Pearl Design: “We like to approach sustainability from a longevity standpoint. As a LEED-accredited design professional, I push to use natural materials in all of our projects. For instance, we recently installed a home that used wood from an old walnut tree—that had to be cut down from the site—to make a beautiful dining table. We like to incorporate materials and fabrics that can withstand the daily wear and tear of our clients’ families, whether it is children, pets or messy spouses!”

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