The Latest In Tile Trends? It’s All About Sweet Details


Get your fill of these collector-worthy tiles with an artist’s touch.

In Bloom

Clockwise, from top left:
Blue Flower Dinner Plate / Debutante in Blush / Portmore in Aqua / Watermark in Indigo Wash / Cristalli in Verde Rete / Flora Exotica IV by Wayne Pate / Centina in Green Bay + Antique Blush / Matinee in Spotlight / Demi Hex Long in Multicolor Blues / Pink Hollyhock / Deborah Osburn Field / Glow in Rain Glossy /

Sweet Scene

Top row, from left:
Cursive Triangle in Smoke / Flat Side Plate in Bianco / Scirocco / Gold Verdigris / Bachette Dinnerware by Laboratorio Paravicini / Middle row, from left: Rosewater 10 / Cursive Circle in Rose Gold, Cursive Triangle in Ghost, Cursive Field in Smoke / Rosewater 9 /

Bottom row, from left:
Beige & White Serenity Plate by Themis Z / Rosewater 11 / Silk Road 01N in Snow and Bronze / Cursive Field in Rose Gold / Julia Mosaic in French Clay /

Ground Work

Clockwise, from top left:
Watermark in Indigo Stroke / Flat Side Plate in Dove Grey / Shuttle Mono in Denim by Neisha Crosland / Folia Mosaic / Pambiche Deco Hex / Flat Side Plate in Plum / #196 / Enamel in Ocean / Portmore in Gray and Portmore in Sky / Silk Road in Sierra Snow and Bronze /

Fresh Picks

Top row, from left:
Lupita in Primrose and Tulip / #76 / Susie 1-21 / Radar in Olive by Neisha Crossland /

Middle row, from left:
Enamel in Moss / Green Squiggle Dessert Plate / Enamel in Moss / Claypaper in Egret / Anna Dessert Plate in Rose / Wild Strawberries in Crimson /

Bottom row, from left:
#11 / Claypaper in Sage / Flat Side Plate in Sage / Timewave in Oleander and Clay /