Behind 2 Product Collabs By This SF Design Boutique


Anyon, an award-winning home design boutique and gallery on San Francisco’s tony Sacramento Street, recently launched two product collaborations between founder Lindsay Anyon Brier and artists Elyse Graham and Alice Tacheny.

“Both artists work by hand and use unassuming materials to create exquisite pieces,” Anyon Brier says. She reached out about working together on collaborations exclusive to Anyon’s atelier and, much to her delight, both artists happily signed on.

Inspired by the Northern California landscape, the collections feature color palettes and compositions best suited to each medium–resin for Graham’s Blithe Collection and concrete for Tacheny’s ombre Cori bowls.

“With Graham, I suggested a Pantone color theme and then we did a sampling process over several months to really home in on the end result,” she says. “And I love the idea of Tacheny’s severe architectural objects that are ‘dipped’ in color in a way that softens them.”

Each limited-edition collection is available in-store and online. High on the success of her work with these two artists, Anyon Brier recently embarked on a passion project of her own. The Vintner Collection, a set of books dedicated to the world of fine wines, evolved out of her love of Wine Country and conversations with Juniper Books founder Thatcher Wine and San Francisco photographer Michele Bell.

“We worked with Bell to translate her Napa landscape images to the book jackets, and I named the set,” she says. “This one is very close to my heart.”