Collector’s Paradise: Modern Heirlooms To Treasure Forever


Talented makers experiment with traditional mediums like terra-cotta, porcelain, crystal and silver to create au-courant heirlooms for today’s collectors.

See how these makers are creating au-courant heirlooms


pillars with terra cotta heirlooms

Admiring Terra Firma 

The ancient use of terra-cotta clay spans cultures, continents and stylistic sensibilities with modern artists still referencing classic forms and shapes today.

From left to right: Ancient Key Vase by Atelier Polyhedre / Michael Pedestal in Whitewashed Oak by Josh Greene / Terracotta Fern Pedestal Bowl by Frances Palmer / Relic Oak Pedestal Table by Athena Calderone / Terracotta Ceramic Vase / 19th Century Column /

pillars with porcelain heirlooms

Taking On Posh Porcelain 

Challenging the assumptions of ceramics, these contemporary porcelain pieces take on multi-dimensional shapes and interesting textures.

From left to right: Flora with Arches by Anat Shiftan / Michael Pedestal in Whitewashed Oak by Josh Greene / Paesaggio 3 Sculptural Vase by Nino Basso for Design Center 1991 / Functional Vessel by Bryan Hopkins / Backdrop: Nore Linen Fabric in Ivory by Larsen /

crystal glassware spread out on table

It’s All Crystal Clear 

The 17th-century invention of crystal introduced a brighter, better glass with greater brilliance. Here, playful silhouettes set these sparkling pieces apart from their predecessors.

From left to right: Transparent Crystal Cup, Carafe and Champagne Coupe by Alexander Kirkeby / Knossos II by Simon Klenell / Boletus Vitrium Series / 19th Century Column / Backdrop: Nore Linen Fabric in Nutmeg by Larsen /

pillars with silver heirlooms

Rising To Silver Status 

Durable and malleable, silver has been a form of currency for centuries and remains one of the most valuable and beautiful metals to work with.

Clockwise from bottom left: Silver Bowl / 19th Century Column / Twisted Beeswax Candles / Pumiced Silver Fluted Candlesticks and Sterling Silver Creamer by Ted Muehling / Opposite Attractive IV Vase by Emiliano Céliz / Silver Cup / Relic Oak Pedestal Table by Athena Calderone / Fabric on table: Nore Linen Fabric in Nutmeg by Larsen /

Photos by Sharon Radisch