Talking Design With Industry Pro Tom Dixon


Designer Chat: Tom Dixon

British multidisciplinary designer Tom Dixon tantalizes the world with his envelope-pushing hospitality projects and the new products he unveils prolifically–this time at Switch Modern in Atlanta, where his pieces remain installed in an exhibition-like space through June. In town for the debut of his new FAT seating and Opal lights (shown), Dixon sat down with Luxe to share why Atlanta is on his radar.

Your new FAT chairs are a bit fantastical. Is there an imaginary room you see them in? The silhouette is a bit pop; it’s got this exaggerated character. It’s also a bit Bauhaus, with a modernist feel. Would I like to see it in a disco? Yeah, absolutely. But I also see it in a massive lobby. Simple form is versatile.

Why did you choose Atlanta as one of the focus cities of your tour? We’ve all been guilty of concentrating mainly on New York and Los Angeles design. There’s so much diversity in the Southeast–it’s a patchwork of different cultures within what’s a quarter of the country. And, well, the people are very polite, which is nice.

Are we witnessing a style evolution of sorts in the works? Here it seems people live quite comfortably, toward the traditional functions, but it’s nice to be in a showroom that speaks to the modern. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful new adventure.

Where else should the adventure take us, design-wise? I think Atlanta needs a boutique hotel. Really, it kick-starts a lot of things in terms of design. I think it’s a big business opportunity.