The Online-First Gallery Matching Collectors With Emerging Artists


chelsea Neman Nassib in front of photograph exhibit


When Chelsea Neman Nassib founded Tappan Collective 10 years ago, online-first galleries were uncharted territory. Fast forward to 2020 and the platform, thanks to its investment in producing digital studio visits and profiles, found itself precociously equipped to connect artists and their stories with collectors.

It's a thrilling time of discovery in the art world. Luxe checks in with experts across the industry who are carving inroads for creatives and collectors. Meet Stef Halmos, Gardy St. Fleur, Chelsea Neman Nassib, Illa Gaunt, Humberto Moro and more.


Digital currency: With the rise of NFT’s, the world of art has even more accessible paths for collectors and artists. We sell NFT COAs, which allow us to include a smart contract in the sale encompassing royalties to the artists, so that every time the artwork trades, the artist makes 10 percent of the sale. This can be life changing for an artist because they don’t get a percentage of secondary sales, which is usually where prices are making headlines.

Gallery crush: Del Vaz Projects by Jay Ezra Nayssan. Jay operates a gallery-farmstead from his home in Santa Monica with his partner, Max, who tends to a garden in the back and runs an apothecary where they sell a variety of things from Persian tea to CBD lavender salve. It’s wonderful to see curators bringing a more artful approach to retail and vice-versa.

One to watch: Lisa Dengler out of Mexico City. We just signed her and are so excited about her paintings and stone sculptures.

On deck: We’re in the process of opening our first physical gallery in Los Angeles, and I want it to be different from anything that’s come before. It should have a sense of discoverability, a place anyone can walk into and find something they like—almost like a vinyl store.