Meet The Plant Director At This Home Decor Shop


The Insider: Tassy de Give

Entrepreneur, author and self-taught gardener Tassy de Give has returned to Seattle and back to her roots. As plant director for local shop Glasswing–an apparel and home goods store featuring decor, furniture and terrariums, among others–Tassy spends her time teaching workshops, expanding the variety of flora and fauna offered in the shop, and empowering people to love the natural world by developing their own green thumbs. Here, she shares her thoughts on Seattle’s design scene and more.

How has the design scene evolved in Seattle?

The city has changed immensely, especially the design industry. I’m so impressed by how local businesses start the design process from the very beginning and pay attention to everything from where products are sourced to where they’re getting business cards printed. Every factor is thoughtful and intentional.

Dream project:

I’d love to collaborate with a museum or gallery to create green spaces the public can visit for inspiration and relaxation. Filling a room previously void of plants can have such a huge impact. It completely changes the air quality and people’s reactions to art and space.

What’s next for Glasswing?

We’ve recently started working on projects for neighboring small businesses that include plants, branding, photography and interior design. Our first project will be a natural wine bar and restaurant called Marseille. We’re also looking into opening a separate flower shop this year.