Master Minimalism With Studio Hus’ Tatum Kendrick


Tatum Kendrick Studio Hus

Minimal is anything but boring: just ask designer Tatum Kendrick, founder and creative director of Studio Hus in Los Angeles. Here, Kendrick dishes on her strategy for designing a standout modern kitchen. And, in the case of this space, what she reveals is that a thoughtful combination of artful and functional elements is the plat du jour.

Describe this space.

I would call the design “warm modernism.” I wanted to create something that felt minimal and modern but with traditional roots that was inviting and appropriate for a relaxed country kitchen in the Hamptons.

What was the inspiration?

Traditional European butler pantries with glass-front cabinets chockablock with antique dishes, silver serveware, platters and pitchers. These collections bring so much beauty and character to a kitchen. So, I wanted a quiet, minimal design, but with lots of character in the finishes, and to make the display cabinet the focus–like an art piece.

How did you achieve the minimal yet interesting design?

For me, a kitchen’s aesthetic is about how the finishes and design work together to create a “painting” of sorts. It’s not about one color or brushstroke but how they all interact on the canvas. With the layout and bones quite linear and square, and the palette quiet and neutral, I added interest with graphic patterned floors and marble, as well as sculptural and decorative form through the lighting and barstools.

PHOTO: Peter Margonelli