Tell Your Home’s Story With Crossville’s Cursive Tile Collection


cursive by crossville backsplash

Soft Teal tiles serve as a base, while Old Denim circles, corners and triangles form standout shapes.

Crossville has launched a new line of ceramic wall tile that’s all about unique design flourishes. The aptly named Cursive collection expresses a signature style that is as individual as penmanship.

“This inventive wall tile collection offers designers exciting, customizable options to create spaces that are as distinctive as their personal handwriting,” says Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing. “With a handmade appearance and a watercolor effect around the edges, the products in this line range in color from lights to darks. But they’re all trendy and far from typical.”

cursive by crossville bar wall

Tiles in Charcoal, Goldenrod and Smoke combine to create an eclectic, edgy-feeling backdrop for this bar area.

cursive by crossville ghost and charcoal bathtub

A geometric design in Ghost and Charcoal takes this bathtub to new heights.

cursive by charcoal falling rain

This pattern evokes falling rain, sprinkling in Charcoal and Iris hues.

cursive by crossville rose gold oxblood goldenrod tiles

In this sweets shop, Rose Gold, Oxblood and Goldenrod tiles offer ample eye candy.

cursive by crossville oxblood tiles bathroom

Oxblood tiles in varying shapes bring warmth to a spa-like bathroom.

cursive by crossville restaurant moroccan style

Moroccan style meets 21st-century design, with Old Denim, Goldenrod, Ghost, Rose Gold and Soft Teal tiles taking center stage.

cursive crossville counterpart

A marble countertop acts as an elegant counterpart to a wall of Rose Gold tiles.

Indeed, Cursive’s nine colors are at once chic and unusual. Take Goldenrod, for example. This warm, depth-filled hue embodies the floral inspiration behind its name, but in a richer form. It is joined by Iris, Rose Gold, Ghost, Smoke, Charcoal, Soft Teal, Old Denim and Oxblood.

Each piece in Cursive’s rainbow is available in 3-by-6-inch and 3-by-12-inch rectangles, 6-inch squares, 6-inch triangles, 4-inch circles and 2-inch demilunes. Coordinating corner options frame the circles and demilunes seamlessly. A 1 ½-by-6-inch trim piece, with finished edges on all sides, completes the offering.

Design pros can even envisage pattern ideas on Crossville’s website, with the Cursive Pattern Visualizer. This state-of-the-art program enables users to experiment with combinations before making any final decisions. It’s an invitation to explore and engage boundless creativity—just what the Crossville team had in mind when it crafted the Cursive collection.

“We are excited to see how designers use this opportunity to incorporate shape and color in new ways,” Waldrep says. “We imagine spaces with loops and lines, full of bespoke style.”

Based in Tennessee and family-owned, Crossville is driven to serve designers and architects in their quest to bring beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces to life. “Our mission is to provide you with creative and sustainable design solutions, rooted in technical mastery, designed for long-term function and finished with style,” Waldrep says.

This latest collection certainly honors the intention. Cursive brings noteworthy, lasting fashion to interior walls in commercial or residential settings, giving designers a fresh way to dot the i’s and cross the t’s with their own particular touch.

It’s all about customization, and with a series of shades so thoughtfully fabricated, one can hardly go wrong. Experience a new level of creative freedom, with Cursive.

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