Tennen Studio’s Japanese-Influenced Incense Line Is Heaven Scent


tennen studio incense holders

A conversation with Ethan and Sarah Wessel is as synchronous and serene as the custom homes they design. The husband-and-wife team behind Tennen Studio in Arizona shares a deeply rooted appreciation of Japanese culture, which informs much of the firm’s design aesthetic and is the inspiration behind a bespoke collection of incense holders.

Tennen Studio has also developed an incense line that is produced in Japan but rooted in both the Sonoran Desert and the Japanese landscape. “There are a couple of scents that we reserve for home,” says Sarah. “I love burning florals in the bath and the bedroom. They smell fresh. In winter, I love the moss scent. It can make you forget you’re in the desert.”

The firm will unveil a new incense this winter, and there are potential plans for furniture and hardware collections down the road. “We have a lot of irons in the fire,” Sarah says. “We just have to decide which ones we’re going to stoke next.”

Ethan and Sarah Wessel portrait