Let This Florist Bring Sense Of Enchantment To Your Social Feed


Florist Teressa Johnson prepping florals and other pieces for tablescape

Tablescape with tall candles and greenery in a white vase.

Exterior of white stucco building with archway made of evergreens and red florals over entry

Tablescape with white candles and dried floral centerpieces.


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WHO: Florist and event designer Teressa Johnson, who is celebrating two decades of working with the wonderfully wild world of flowers. Since 2002, Johnson has transmuted her creative passion into her work and business through her eponymous studio, crafting floral arrangements and styling events for clients in her native Sumner, Washington, and beyond. 

WHAT: Describing her aesthetic as a thoughtful arrangement of that which grows wild and free, Johnson’s designs capture a sense of freedom and whimsy, feeling enchantingly improvisational but never chaotic. 

WHY: For Johnson, relationships are paramount. Looking to her clients as inspiration, she develops authentic connections that translate into thoughtful, poetic designs.

IN HER WORDS: I belong to the collection of people who believe beauty is vital and speaks not only to our eyes but, most importantly, to our souls. I hope my work encourages people to develop a keener sense of wonder—the composition of beauty can speak a humble narrative if one stops long enough to look.”