Texas Designer Fern Santini Has A Charitable New Venture


Rendering of a house


From Austin designer Fern Santini comes Fern Santini Collaborative, offering a unique turnkey home fully furnished all the way down to the artwork. Santini brought Luxe up to speed on her latest endeavor. fernsantinicollaborative.com

How does Fern Santini Collaborative work? We design, build and furnish a unique home and then host events to not only showcase the team, partners, artisans and artists involved, but also to raise money for our chosen nonprofit. The house is sold fully furnished after completion.

What inspired this venture? Austin is experiencing phenomenal growth, and several of my clients have sold homes completely furnished, so I realized there was a demand for “move-in ready” homes. It takes several years to develop a custom project—some homeowners love the process and have the time to spend; others don’t.

What makes your company unique? Our projects are design-driven. The home is furnished as if the contents were collected and curated over time, with hundreds
of hours spent selecting finishes, lighting, furniture and art—and many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind. It’s a house with attitude.

Tell us about the charitable aspect. Our goal is to raise money for a specific nonprofit while raising awareness for what it does for the community. It’s difficult for the many people moving to Austin to know all the groups that need support. We want to help get the word out. The Austin we believe in is one where we take care of one another.