Meet 3 Female Design Pros Carving Out A Unique Niche In Texas


Introducing Texas female design pros, Anne Barger, Erin Stetzer and Anna Grasso-Gay, who are establishing a unique ethos in their respective fields of architecture, interior design and construction.

See How These Texans Triumph In Their Practices


Blue-velvet stools line curved wooden bar alongside wood floor by Texas female design pro Anne BargerPHOTO: CATE BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY

Anne Barger’s Vibrant Work Tells Stories 

“The spaces I design are filled with bold colors, inviting textures, curated antiques and conversation starters,” describes Austin-area designer Anne Barger of Anne Barger Designs. “I want my clients’ homes to tell their story, surround them in beauty and be talked about long after the party is over.” Indeed, this burgeoning talent’s vibrant work warrants prolonged discussion. Drawing inspiration from neoclassicism, Art Deco and traditional English design, she is redefining classic-meets-contemporary interiors—not only her clients’ but also her own. Barger recently helmed a large-scale remodel of the home she shares with her husband and three young children on a 10-acre property, using it as a canvas for her individualistic flair. Case in point: millwork and walls painted a deep blackberry hue to accent a lilac marble backsplash and antique Art Deco lighting. “Another old-world aesthetic I love is plaster,” Barger continues. “We’re creating a bespoke wall finish for the first floor. It’ll be atmospheric and cloud-like.”

Bedroom with white ceiling and coral-colored draperies by Texas female design pro Erin StetzerPHOTO: JULIE SOEFER, INTERIORS, MARIE FLANIGAN

Erin Stetzer Transforms Buildings Into Art

Houston-based Erin Stetzer launched Stetzer Builders in 2003 “with the ambition to be the most service-driven builder in the industry,” she recalls. Two decades later and she has transformed meeting that objective into an art form. Stetzer studies and digs deep to understand what the owner wants, what the designer is creating and what the architect is visualizing. “I ask my clients to imagine eating breakfast with their family and what brings them joy in that moment,” she says. “Having a clear understanding of those expectations and desires helps us determine how to best meet their goals.”

Geometric wallpaper and blue banquette in breakfast nook by Texas female design pro Anna Grasso-GayPHOTO: CATE BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY, INTERIORS, ANNIE DOWNING INTERIORS

Anna Grasso-Gay Creates Timeless Homes

Playing a role in clients’ lives through architecture is an honor that San Antonio architect Anna Grasso-Gay, a principal and partner at Grasso Gay Architects, does not take lightly. Spending formative years in Mexico, soaking in the Spanish-colonial architecture, she further developed an interest in traditional design while living in Rome. Today, she draws on her vast experience to create timeless homes. “Classical principals remain the same regardless of style,” Grasso-Gay says, recalling a recent Cape Dutch project with an elegant symmetrical façade, steep pitch roofs and parapeted gables. “Elements like fireplace hearths can bring new life to contemporary homes, infusing a sense of permanence and architectural adventure.”