The Churchill Collective Brings The Best Of Phoenix’s Creative Community Together


Part artistic marvel, part practical design, The Churchill reflects all the ways in which downtown Phoenix is a source of inspiration. It houses 10 local businesses that bring together food, art, retail and the community, ranging from wine shop Sauvage to the lifestyle brand Gather (pictured).

At its covered, 9,000-square-foot courtyard, visitors can tuck into a good meal or attend a printing workshop, salsa dancing or “vinyl night.” Most noticeably, The Churchill was built from 19 disused shipping containers.

The place, says co-owner Hartley Rodie, owes its wow factor to design firm Local Studio, which utilized the containers with original doors and wood floors still intact. Meanwhile, artist Pete Deise turned one 30-foot vertical component of the building into a striking work of art.

Those looking for further inspiration after dining and shopping should not miss the alley behind The Churchill, which features 16 works by 14 local artists. “There are a lot of really special businesses that have paved the way and built the culture down here,” Rodie says. “We just want to do our part.”

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