Step Inside This Atlanta Boutique For Color-Coded Textiles And More


Brooks Morrison opening large steel-framed glass door to the Design Social Studio

Wall of color-coded hanging textile samples

To Brooks Morrison, opening a 1,500-square-foot brick-and-mortar studio in Atlanta was a delightful detour from her usual life on the road. Following in the footsteps of The Design Social Pop-Up—her mobile event-production business for star brands ranging from Anyon Atelier and Ferrick Mason to Abnormals Anonymous and Seema Krish—Morrison more recently launched The Design Social Studio.

This venture encompasses the dozen or so labels she represents as strategic partner, including her old colleagues at Moore & Giles, Alex Conroy Textiles, CW Stockwell and others. Aiming to introduce designers in the region to boutique brands that might have otherwise been obscured by bigger manufacturers in multiline showrooms, Morrison’s by-appointment West Midtown flagship instead showcases them in full glory: complete with a Rule of Three Studio wallpaper, color-coded display racks and pretty textile samples on hooks.