Crack Open A Cold One At This Elevated Phoenix Beer Garden


Beer garden featuring mustard-colored booths, oxblood walls and oversize hanging orb light fixtures

island kitchen with green tile, bright lights and lots of space

If you think Phoenix’s Park Central Mall followed the downward turn of brick-and-mortar shopping centers across the country, think again. Heralding the mall’s resurrection is The Green Woodpecker, an expansive new beer garden named for one of Park Central’s previous denizens.

Where the original Green Woodpecker was a florist, however, this 4,500-square-foot destination combines food, flowers and, yes, beer in one indoor-outdoor space. The interiors are spare and modern, with dark ceilings and low, circular light fixtures whose gravity is offset by an abundance of sun flowing in from the generous patio.

Other accents—gleaming emerald ceramic tiles on the island-style kitchen, whitewashed finishes, accents in oxblood and mustard—create an ambiance that is both casual and sophisticated. Come for the beer, stay for the vibe and, before you go, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers, offered as an homage to the original Green Woodpecker. Style, it seems, has come home to roost.