Discover The Naples Couple Behind These Mesmerizing Artworks


Fabrizio Venuta and Britt Steele of The House of Drop both with paint covered pants against a white-wall

Large canvas of vertical paint-poured layers using a rainbow of colors

Dynamic husband-and-wife team, Italian-born Fabrizio Venuta and Nashville native Britt Steele were longing for more during the pandemic. To pass time, Steele began flipping her collection of vases upside down, pouring paint onto each, watching the drops build and form with every layer. Captivated by the complex color and unique story each vase held when turned right-side up, the couple turned to other mediums and the Naples artist studio The House of Drop was born. Now, they’re laser-focused on defining an aesthetic and brand that’s unmistakable.

Describe your creative process. BS: Behind the signature “drops” cascading at the base of every piece are hundreds of hours and thousands of layers of various types of paint. From stretched canvases to sconces, surfboards to shoes, tables to totes, these heaps of color transform into a one-of-a-kind experience born to evoke an emotional response from any who cross its path.

What’s it like working together? FV: We fortunately work very seamlessly together, filling in each other’s blanks without being prompted. We also love seeking the opinion of our daughter, Carolina, who’s got an incredible eye and never hesitates to tell us how she really feels about a piece. We have no proper training, so we both had to learn how to do this together.