Catch Up With The Texas Creative Behind This Fiber Art



The Insider: Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams Art + Home

From her Dallas home, Lauren Williams taught herself the discipline of fiber artistry. Fast-forward three years, and her 82,000-plus Instagram followers are one reason her monthly tapestry collections sell out through Lauren Williams Art + Home, her online fine art and home decor studio, which also offers photo prints, canvas paintings and home accessories. We caught up with the busy creative to learn more about her story.

How did you discover fiber art?

I made my first piece in 2014. I wanted to fill a blank wall using something with texture, and I didn’t have the patience to learn macramé, so I dyed individual wool strands to create a canvas but with movement. It was Labor Day weekend and hot, and I was in my East Dallas garage dipping strands into dyes.

What dyes do you use?

Initially, I used pretty much anything you can put on a strand of fiber, from food to natural dyes. At one point, I was stealing and diluting paint from my children’s art box because it was the color I needed. Now, I’ve refined my materials and work with an eco-, animal-friendly mill in Wyoming to customize my own signature yarn that can withstand my dye techniques.

Do you have a muse?

Blank walls inspire my artwork. The pillows and throws help take that art beyond the walls with coordinating fabrics.

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