The Manual Cocktail Collection Takes Beautiful Barware To A New Level



Going to cocktail bars is a hobby for Craighton Berman—but not for the drinks. “I love to go and watch the technique,” says Berman, an industrial designer who creates products to elevate the home cocktail experience. For example: decanters. Far from just a functional object, they transform liquor from a packaged good into home decor, says Berman. That’s why he launched the Manual Cocktail Collection, a line of handmade frosted glassware.

The decanter’s corked lid is made to perfectly measure a shot, while the matching mixing glass is a simple way to stir up your favorite cocktail at home. “We live in an age where we can order anything and have it brought to us,” says Berman, “but taking the time to learn and practice making a cocktail yourself demystifies a process, teaches you a skill and imbues pride in the act of creation.” Not just for liquor, the decanter can also hold water or wine—in any case, providing a chic way to stay hydrated.