Why This Denver Designer’s Instagram Feed Is Worth A Follow


Post Masters: @thefourthhouse

WHO: Denver native Bret Sundberg, a fashion model whose forays into fashion styling, set design for commercials and music videos, and staging led her to a blossoming career in interior design.

WHAT: Her Instagram is filled with rooms furnished with plush seating, lots of trinkets, lush plants, warm tones and an overarching sense of airiness. “I’m adamant about using antiques and vintage goods to bring character to spaces,” Sundberg says. Also, expect to see the gorgeous shoppable spaces Sundberg designs for Guest House, the Denver company that turns for-sale homes into stylish pop-up shops.

WHY: You’ll be inspired by “a whole lotta pretty houses,” as Sundberg puts it, discover talented local artists and makers, and styling tips and tidbits.

IN HER WORDS: “One thing that’s so important to me is styling based on how it makes me or the client feel rather than always picking the best looking option. I think the idea of creating a home sometimes gets lost in the idea of creating a space for Instagram. The only statement worth trying to make with my designs is that there is no ‘right’ way.”