You’ll Want To Get Organized With These Beautiful Cabinets


While we may not be able to control everything around us, organized cabinets are essential for a sane state of mind. As we spend more time at home, it seems we can never have enough storage, especially for the hardest-working rooms. Luckily, the latest designs offer both function and innovation as well as aesthetics and good looks. Whether you crave perfect pantry shelving or a sleek wine update, these new styles have you covered.

Add a dash of Cotswold charm to the home with a beautifully decorated cupboard by English kitchen company Devol. Potager (shown), one of four designs available, is inspired by a French ornamental fruit and vegetable garden making a lovely backdrop to any stack of plates. Each piece is hand finished with antiqued wax and embellished with craquelure for a vintage look. Bespoke colors and patterns are also offered.

Pedini’s sophisticated K016 kitchen concept includes this minimal wall unit made of eucalyptus wood with a seamless, paper-thin folding door that completely conceals messy shelves or pantry staples. The steel wine bottle holders also have a small footprint making this feature ideal for urban dwellings or those with cozy floor plans.

Interior designer Dwayne Bergmann has launched his eponymous line of custom cabinetry. One of several artful, elevated designs is the Fluted door that can be installed in a number of configurations including narrow, medium and wide spacing between the flutes as well as horizontal or vertical orientations. As Bergmann notes, “We spend so much time in the kitchen, as it is often the gathering space for our families and friends, and there’s no reason why it can’t be as dynamic and visually interesting as, say, the formal living room.”

Based in Florence, Italy, Officine Gullo’s newest project shines a light on the company’s exquisitely handcrafted metalwork designs. The smart stainless steel structure is powder coated in opaque Signal White with polished-brass handles and details. While the work surface incorporates a welded sink and induction stove, the lower section has ample storage as well as a dishwasher and oven.