This Design Practice In Phoenix Is All About Invoking A Natural High


Shannon Harris began her career in interior design by developing LEED-certified spec homes in Denver. But it was combining that profession with her yoga practice and her interest in environmental psychology that paved the way for a new design philosophy: sustainability that inspires both healthy living and mental wellness. Two years ago, Harris returned to Phoenix, the city of her birth, to redefine the future of green design with Fuse Living. 

Describe the advantages of blending environmental awareness with psychology. There’s usually an initial “wow” factor, but then over time, people notice a difference in how they feel. Wellness in our homes is the next wave of health.

What materials do you enjoy working with? I love really organic forms, shapes and textures, and I almost always marry those with something a little bit more high-style or glamorous. 

Favorite new design trend? The consciousness around how things are made is really expanding. We found a group in Mexico, for example, that is creating leather out of cactus. We’re literally starting to see “vegan” in front of “leather.”