This Shop Carries Indie Goods By American Makers


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Talking Shop With Julia Hohne

Truck & Barter

When did you open? I had a similar shop, Homestead, in New Orleans, which I wanted to reopen after moving home to California in 2014. After careful rebranding, Truck & Barter launched as an online store in 2015; a year later, I opened the brick-and-mortar in Petaluma.

What’s in a name? It comes from an old-timey saying about the innate desire humans have to truck their goods to market and buy, barter and exchange with one another. My goal was to bring superior-quality goods that were unique and affordable to people’s everyday lives.

On the shelves? My team stocks products–blankets, home goods, totes–crafted by independent American makers and established brands we trust, such as Filson and Faribault Woolen Mill Co. We also offer our own brand of candles and soaps, which were our best-selling products in 2016.

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Photos: Trinette + Chris.