3 New York Spaces With Indoor-Outdoor Appeal


Sunlight can become as tactile as any material in homes made for indoor-outdoor living.

Into the Woods

New York Spaces

Ready-made for thoughtful reveries, this screened-in porch, designed by Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz, provides a quiet moment–tucked into a weekend getaway log cabin in Woodstock.

1) Sky Fall: Breathe light into a dark ceiling with some discreet skylights, placed thoughtfully here at the entrance’s apex between the beams to preserve the roof’s architectural bones.

2) On a Limb: Temper cabin fever with some unapologetically avant-garde furnishings. With its origami-like pedestal, the Arc table by Lord Norman Foster for Molteni&C feels both stark and futuristic while subtly echoing organic shapes.

3) Bolt of Blue: Contrast the surrounding greenery with a shock of saturated color to define the space. The porch pops against the woodsy background thanks to the rich blue tone in this indoor-outdoor rug made by Liora Manne.

4) Light Hearted: Keep to unfussy fixtures that let natural light take prime place in sun-centric rooms. This simple indoor-outdoor pendant by CL Sterling & Son, for instance, feels in harmony with the dark cabin roof.

Air Born

New York Spaces

What does one do with that ultra-rare outdoor terrace in the heart of Manhattan? Celebrate the serendipity in an attention-stealing space equipped with all the leisurely trappings, like this one designed by Havilande Whitcomb.

1) Party Line: Craft an engaging atmosphere with distinctive conversation spots made for mingling. In this space, diverse seating options help define different settings, from the outdoor breakfast nook to the seating area by the fireplace.

2) Under the Shade: A classic pergola is a great way to inject unexpected greenery with limited room. This pergola’s elevated framework adds height with wispy vines of wisteria and clematis, framing views of the skyline.

3) Garden State: Layer texture into your foliage by using a thoughtful blend of plantings, like these lean and willowy evergreen plum trees paired with a flower bed bordering the dining alcove.

4) Color City: Consider taking note from the surrounding environment when composing a color palette for your materials. For this balcony, more muted tones of garden green on the fireplace mantel and plums on the seat cushions offer an urban slant on earthiness.

Sea Change

New York Spaces

Not an inch of view is wasted in this living room by designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, who melded their sophisticated interiors with vistas of the sand dunes overlooking the Atlantic in Amagansett.

1) Raising Stakes: A deck becomes so much more when constructed as an architectural extension of your living space. This space stands at the same elevation as the living room, creating a sense of uninterrupted movement.

2) No Boundaries: Sliding glass doors are a must in channeling that seamless connection with the beach. Here, the walls open to expose a corner, forming an effortless flow between indoors and out.

3) Shadow Play: Cast a striking outline against the sky with dramatic architectural elements that make an impact both inside and out, like the custom siding made from vertical grain western red cedar.

4) Weather Worn: Bring some driftwood texture into your beachside escape, but with a streamlined profile for a more modern take. The raw surface of the fireplace mantel retains a wind-weathered appeal, but still feels fresh thanks to its pared-down facade.