Lust Over (Or Shop!) These Fun Treasures From India, Mexico + More


Table filled with tableware, cacti and other decorative items.

Blue mosaic tile fountain.

Colorful and patterned pillows decorating a bed.

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WHO: Tierra Del Lagarto, the Scottsdale shop specializing in colorful finds from around the world helmed by mother-daughter duo, Linda and Meg Van Lith.

WHAT: A rainbow of textiles, chests, cushions and more. Each inviting vignette draws inspiration from the Van Liths’ annual design pilgrimages to India, Indonesia, Mexico and beyond.

WHY: Because you missed your trip abroad during the pandemic. Or because you want to track the latest arrival of goods—Tierra Del Lagarto’s loyal customers have been known to arrive at the store to get first dibs on (and help unpack) recently arrived containers. The shop’s focus on artisan-crafted items makes the world beyond feel just a little closer. 

IN THEIR WORDS: “Our vignettes celebrate a vibrant world that encourages people not to be afraid of color in their homes. There are enough greige stores. We revel in being a shop (and an Instagram account!) full of color!”