Tile Mood Boards Perfect For Your Next Project Inspo


Ready to take on tile? Let these delightful finds inspire.

Tile Mood Boards For Every Style


Looking Glass

colorful ceramic tiles stacked atop each other

Clockwise from top left: Sakirma 3 Glass Mosaic in Plum and 570 Domes Glass Mosaic in Yellow/Green / sicis.com. Square Glass Tile in Rose / balineum.co.uk. Glass Blox in Lime Shimmer / crossvilleinc.com. Martuel Glass Mosaic in Plum / sicis.com. Opera Glass Mosaic in 25.38 / bisazza.com. Glass Blox Mosaic in Lemon Zest / crossvilleinc.com. Loft Glass Subway Wall Tile in Blue Gray / tilebar.com. Glass Tile in Falcon / fireclaytile.com. Loft Glass Subway Wall Tile in Seafoam Green / tilebar.com. Glass Blox Mosaic in Lime Shimmer / crossvilleinc.com. Opera Glass Mosaic in 25.05 / bisazza.com.

Cemented Style

striped tiles in primary colors

Clockwise from top left: Plaid Cement Tile in Robins Egg/Milk and L Shape Cement Tile in Saffron / pophamdesign.com. Echo Collection Cement Tile Samples in Clay, Turquoise, Mustard and Sky / granadatile.com. Skinny Stripe Cement Tile in Rhubarb / bertandmay.com. Solid Cement Rectangle in Pond / cletile.com. Alalparado Cement Tile in Sweet Yellow / bertandmay.com. Solid Cement Squares in Azure, Ru, Olive and Rust / cletile.com. Plaid Cement Tile in Robins Egg/Pimento / pophamdesign.com. Stripe Cement Tile in Bassoon / bertandmay.com.

Ceramic Central

brightly colored tiles in various shapes

Clockwise from top left: Pleated Savoy Classic Field Tile in Juniper / annsacks.com. Classic Field Tile in LG2 Jade Manganese-Olive / heathceramics.com. Ceramic Tile in Seedling / fireclaytile.com. Field Tile in Gloss Galaxy / jeffreycourt.com. Peplo Giada Tile by Cristina Celestino / giovannidemaio.com. Crackle Field Tile in Turquoise Glaze by Kohler WasteLAB / annsacks.com. Hexagon Classic Field Tile in M102 Wildflower / heathceramics.com. Wabi Sabi Crackled Glossy Ceramic Tile in Coralito Terracotta Pink / tilebar.com. Harper Angles Right in Shell Gloss and Sky Gloss / walkerzanger.com. Peplo Perla Tile by Cristina Celestino / giovannidemaio.com. Hexagon Classic Field Tile in G44 Bright Yellow and Classic Field Tile in G22 Opal Blue / heathceramics.com. Seaport Polished Ceramic Subway Wall Tile in Aquamarine / tilebar.com. Wabi Sabi Crackled Glossy Ceramic Tile in Emerald Green / tilebar.com. Crackle Field Tile in Amber Glaze by Kohler WasteLAB / annsacks.com. Ceramic Tile in Chartreuse / fireclaytile.com.

Terra Firma

earth tone tiles

Clockwise from top left: Field Tile in Viride / jeffreycourt.com. Zellige Tile in Cindered Olive and Vintage Rose / cletile.com. Canyon 6 Hand Painted Terracotta in Zahatar on Lavain and Bauer Hand Painted Terracotta in Terra and Oro / tabarkastudio.com. Zellige Tile in Fallen Citrus and Cindered Olive / cletile.com. Zellige Tile in Sumac / artistictile.com. Terossa Terracotta Field Tile / annsacks.com. Zellige Tile in Indian Saffron Rose / cletile.com.