This Designer’s Modern Kitchen Is A Wellness Hub For Family Living


contemporary kitchen with marble island and natural light

Interior designer Laurence Carr’s kitchen in the greater New York City area is a contemporary-yet-timeless, light-filled space that serves as command central for her family of five.

When it came to her own kitchen in the greater New York City area, French-born, Manhattan-based interior designer Laurence Carr designed the space to serve as a central wellness area for her family of five.

“My husband and I have three teenagers, and this is a place where we can work, socialize and cook together,” explains Carr, who collaborated with architect Jordan Rosenberg to conceive the contemporary home.

“Biophilia, plenty of natural light and sustainability were also important considerations. There are large windows that provide a connection to the garden, and the amount of light entering the space is important in minimizing the electricity and lighting that’s necessary.”

Carr kept the palette clean and simple, employing a mix of dark gray and cream cabinetry, Calacatta marble and wood accents.“Cream is much softer than white, and the gray lends a contemporary touch,” says the designer.

To create a look that’s seamless and streamlined, Carr paneled many of the appliances and even included a hidden door—made to look like one of the cabinets—that leads to a walk-in pantry. “The space feels timeless yet modern.”

contemporary kitchen with sleek cabinets and natural light

Laurence Carr



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