Peek At This Tile Collection That Nods To 1920s Greats


Originally devised to solve a problem, Tineke Triggs‘ new tile collection has been years in the making.

“They say necessity is the mother of all invention,” Triggs says. “I’d come up with an idea for a wonderful tile pattern and then there was nothing like it available.”

So, the San Francisco designer took on the task as a project of her own. “I’m not afraid to take risks when designing and that definitely influenced my ideas for this new collection,” she says.

Taking its cues from the Art Deco movement, the distinctive tile patterns feature bold geometric forms and nod to the glamour of a bygone era. Using hand-leathered Italian marble as her canvas, she created tiles that reference 1920s San Francisco, a time when the city embraced design that was bold, exotic and bursting with ornate details.

Muziek, named after the Dutch word for music, marks the designer’s first complete product collection, and each pattern references an artist or musician from the period–from Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher to Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Triggs, who had been collecting pattern ideas for three years, worked with Maison Surface to bring each idea to life.

The elegant black, white and gray color palette can be put to use in many different ways–think stunning fireplace border, bedroom accent wall, tile entryway or more obvious kitchen and bathroom backsplash applications.