These Artfully Quilted Creations Exude Southern Comfort


Outdoor tablescape of blue floral stainless-steel cups and light sage green checked napkins and tablecloth.

Photo: Anna Routh Barzin

At a time when craft traditions have become increasingly scarce, Trudie is reviving the art of quilting with a playful twist. Released out of Greensboro last fall by Kara Cox Interiors alumna Megan Sommers, her quilts and accompaniments embody the sweet spirit and leisurely pace of American country life. Affectionately named for trailblazing Gertrudes across time (Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Gertrude Stein), Trudie’s meticulous organic cotton patchworks are stitched by hand in India, then complemented by coordinating wares ranging from ruffled bed pillows and dinner napkins to scalloped place mats and elegant enamelware.

“This brand is infused with charm, comfort and hospitality—three priorities of Southern entertaining,” says Sommers, whose convivial collection is inspired by the rich history of American craftmaking, and especially the camaraderie of gatherings like traditional quilting groups.

Trudie incorporates outside cultural influences, too—including the Scandinavian folk arts and classic English country style—though with a distinctly American spin that always feels picnic-ready. “I believe even the most formal occasions should be a bit relaxed,” Sommers continues. “Think of the barefoot hostess at a cocktail party, or savoring takeout on fine china. Trudie is all about adding ease to those everyday moments.”