Meet The Tucson Landscape Designer With Chutzpah And Outdoor Tips


Exterior photo of a dining table and chairs under a pink arch with a swimming pool in the distance

Portrait of Boxhill founder Elizabeth Przygoda in an outdoor lounge chair

When Elizabeth Przygoda started landscape design company Boxhill in 2001, she had experience, vision and a fair amount of chutzpah. Soon, the Tucson-based landscape designer boasted awards, partnerships with HGTV and an impressive portfolio of commercial and residential projects. By 2013, she had launched an online store, also named Boxhill, which offers modern outdoor accessories and furnishings. As spring begins to nudge winter into the rearview mirror, Przygoda shares how she approaches embracing the great outdoors.

What are some of your favorite ways to design inviting outdoor spaces? By creating vignettes. People need a space to gather, so if you’re going to have a fire pit, create fireside chat areas. If you’re going to have a barbecue, nobody wants to barbecue alone. Design a space where the person can talk to guests.

What is your favorite outdoor furnishing for spring? Our Lucio chair, which is a modern take on outdoor furniture and made from lightweight concrete.

Are certain materials, colors or objects must-haves for modern outdoor living? People are over the all-white look. They are going bold with patterns, styles and texture for a maximalist approach. They are opting for these concrete pool loungers, for example, which are made in Utah by one of the most sought-after concrete designers and are gorgeous! I also like using heirloom-quality materials and pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.