Shop Your Stay At This Fort Worth Cottage Vacation Rental


Urbanology Properties room with a vintage rug, a yellow-velvet chair and a bed with gold-yellow curtains

Room with painting, and a 3-drawer wooden dresser standing against midnight-blue walls and an open door

When designer Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs set out to book a getaway, what she found was a void. “I would scroll for hours looking for a place to stay that was thoughtfully designed,” she recalls. In response, she founded Urbanology Properties to create intentionally designed vacation rentals conceived by her Dallas-area firm.

Dubbed “The Cottage,” the inaugural property west of Fort Worth was renovated in 2022 in collaboration with Nuevo, Four Hands, Ann Sacks and more. The best part? Guests can visit the website to shop the space by room or category.

“We plan to scale this nationally to destinations all over the country and partner with our favorite vendors and manufacturers to bring them to life,” she notes. “My goal is to elevate the world of short-term rentals to something luxurious and experiential.”