17 Designer-Approved Wallpapers For A Punchy Powder Room


Statement Making Powder Room Wallpapers With Beautiful Prints & Patterns

The humble powder room has emerged as the place to showcase your design prowess, with statement-making wallpaper serving as a playful go-to. We tapped top industry pros to share the powder room wallpaper prints and patterns that can stand alone—and boldly stand out—within a home’s greater design scheme.

kipling wallpaper

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design, Los Angeles

Kipling by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design | martynlawrencebullard.com

“One wallpaper that I particularly love for a powder is my own design: a leafy midcentury, tropical extravaganza called ‘Kipling,’ named after the author of my childhood favorite, The Jungle Book. I like to cut around the leaves and bring them up onto the ceiling for added oomph.”

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Amy Lau Calico wallpaper lumaris powder room

Photo: Thomas Loof

Amy Lau

Amy Lau Design, Inc., New York City

Lunaris by Calico Wallpaper | calicowallpaper.com

“My go-to wallpaper for powder bathrooms is Calico Wallpaper. For this particular project, I wanted to create a setting that felt like an exploration of nature, and this print reminded me of cave diving in the cenotes outside of Tulum amid the tranquil beauty of natural stalagmite and stalactite formations.” 

Good fortune Ferrick Mason Joe Lucas powder room

Photo: Karyn Millet

Joe Lucas

Lucas Studio, Inc., Los Angeles

Good Fortune by Ferrick Mason | ferrickmason.com

“Good Fortune by Ferrick Mason is one of my favorite wallpapers. Its original hand-painted pattern by Alex K. Mason comes in a ton of colorways that range from soft and subtle to bold and colorful, so there’s always an option for every style of room or setting. The large intricate scale works perfectly for a smaller-scaled space like this pool bath.”

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Gideon Mendelson Cole and Son wallpaper powder room

Photo: Tim Lenz

Gideon Mendelson

Mendelson Group, New York

Acquario by Cole & Son | cole-and-son.com

“Since the powder room is a smaller space, we encourage our clients to have fun there—it’s a moment to try something different and to create something unexpected or surprising for guests. This paper tells you a little something about the people who live in the home: They love animals, so it reflects that fact.”

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Caitlin Murray Calico wallpaper powder room

Photo: Jessica Alexander

Caitlin Murray

Black Lacquer Design, Los Angeles

Microcosmos by Calico Wallpaper | calicowallpaper.com

“I’m incredibly drawn to the soothing, organic motion of this wallpaper. It has an inherent liquid-like quality that really felt right for this powder room, which leads to the pool. The room itself has a lot of soft, filtered light that gives the mural an ethereal element—totally living up to its name. Plus, it’s vinyl, hence, splash-friendly!”

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Melanie Turner Schumacher palm wallpaper powder room

Photo: Mali Azima

Melanie Turner

Melanie Turner Interiors, Atlanta

Zebra Palm by F. Schumacher & Co | fschumacher.com

“Schumacher’s Zebra Palm is a wallpaper we love because of its scale and visual impact. It’s crisp and fresh and has a casual vacation vibe. And it’s perfect for a powder room, a space that should be the epitome of style.”

Peter Dunham Textiles Fig Leaf Powder room

Photo: Annie Schlechter

Peter Dunham

Peter Dunham & Associates, Los Angeles

Fig Leaf by Peter Dunham Textiles | peterdunhamtextiles.com

“It’s a completely emotional response, so it’s hard to explain precisely, but this is such a happy representation of fig leaves–it’s sort of transporting. The scale is generous and the greens are spot on, as if you’re almost engulfed in a garden. And a powder room is a very small space that really needs that wow factor, even if you go plain in the rest of the house.”

Kathryn M Ireland Quilt wallpaper powder room

Photo: Tim Beddows

Kathryn M. Ireland

Kathryn M. Ireland, Los Angeles

Quilt by Kathryn M. Ireland | kathrynireland.com

“Quilt was my first design for textiles [it launched in the designer’s debut collection in 1997]; years later when working on wallpapers, this pattern just seemed like it would work. Adding in gold and silver accents to some of the designs gave it a subtle finish—which is why it works so well in a powder room.”

Andy Beers China Seas wallpaper powder room

Photo: Haris Kenjar

Andy Beers

Ore Studios, Seattle

Arbre de Matisse Reverse by China Seas | quadrillefabrics.com

“I love that this particular pattern feels dense without being overwhelming. You can use a lot of it, take advantage of its impact, but still have a calm room. The scale of the pattern is interesting close-up, and you only sense the repeat when you’re much farther away. It’s also a lovely wink to design lovers since it has been used in many classic rooms by great decorators.”

Virginia Toledo Rebecca Atwood wallpaper powder room

Photo: Jacob Snavely

Virginia Toledo

Toledo Geller, New York City

Blooms by Rebecca Atwood | rebeccaatwood.com

“This paper comes in a variety of colors and its vibe changes drastically depending on the colorway. In a powder room, it can be the star of the show but can also really enliven a space that may already have walls tiled halfway up with very basic tile—which happens often. Our rule is, have fun with it!”

Breegan Jane Cole and son wallpaper powder room

Photo: Ryan Garvin

Breegan Jane

Breegan Jane, Los Angeles

Miami by Cole & Son | cole-and-son.com

“For powders, I’m drawn to the prints Cole & Son create. They have a wide range of styles that appeal to and complement modern, contemporary design. When I’m designing a powder room, I want bold prints that transcend trends, catch the eye and feature a design that feels unique and special.”

Oliver Furth Porter Teleo wallpaper powder room

Photo: Roger Davies

Oliver M. Furth

Oliver M. Furth Design and Decoration, Los Angeles

Outside the Box Wallpaper by Porter Teleo | porterteleo.com

“Porter Teleo is a company I go back to often for its distinctive hand-painted papers. Its paper is non-repeating, so you get a special made-for-the space bespoke quality, but the pattern isn’t derivative. While many non-repeating wallpapers have a historical context or origin, like a chinoiserie, ikat or toile, these papers feel fresh and of our time—right now.”

JeffAndrews Astek wallpaper powder room

Photo: Grey Crawford

Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews Design, Los Angeles

Inked by Jeff Andrews for Astek | astek.com

“I love the organic, graphic quality of this pattern and its mix of matte and metallic finishes. The metallic finishes bounce light around a room, which is even more dramatic in a small space like a powder room. It even looks great on a ceiling!”

Ken Fulk Custom by Ken Fulk wallpaper powder room

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Ken Fulk

Ken Fulk, Inc., New York City and San Francisco

Jefferson Tartan by Scot Meacham Wood Home | scotmeachamwoodhome.com

“We often create custom wallcoverings designed to capture the essence of our clients. It’s a fun exercise to turn someone’s passion or heritage into a bespoke pattern. In this case, we gathered a collection of plaids that feel familiar and playful and mixed bespoke hand-painted plaids with more traditional plaids, like this Jefferson Tartan from Scot Meacham Wood Home.”

Alessandra Branca Umbra Bolzano wallpaper powder room

Photo: Courtesy Branca

Alessandra Branca

Branca, Chicago

Umbra by Casa Branca | casabranca.com

“Our Casa Branca faux bois is such a modern take on the print, and we have two patterns and a number of colorways. We design around the things that we can’t find, and this is a faux bois like no one else has done before–it’s different and fun. It’s great for one space in the house where it’s safe to go outside of your comfort zone.”

Osbourne and little wallpaper powder bath Zoe Feldman

Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Zoe Feldman

Zoe Feldman Design, Washington, D.C.

Lyrebird by Osborne & Little | osborneandlittle.com

“This wallpaper, specifically, has a Moroccan tile quality that picks up on the marble mosaic floor but with more color and intricacy. In general, we love to use bold papers in spaces we only experience for moments at a time rather than live in. It’s easier to be bold when you don’t have to live in the room.”

Kate Taylor Hermes Palm Wallpaper powder room

Photo: Aimee Mazzenga

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor Interiors, Chicago

Palm by Hermès | hermes.com

“When it comes to choosing wallpaper for a powder room, my philosophy is, the wilder the better. Even with the most conservative clients, the powder bath is consistently a space where they want to have fun with color and patterns. Specifically, the Hermès Palm paper was so much fun to use in this lake home. It’s very beach chic!”

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