How Seattle’s Walnut & Oak Is Combining Old-School Methods With Modern Technology


Tradition meets technology at Walnut & Oak (4800 Airport Way South), the Seattle-based furniture brand focusing on function, quality and custom design. Hand finishes and careful joinery meet modern methods like robotics and 3D printing for everything from tables to stereo cabinets—all boasting the quality of American-made real wood furniture of the past. Founder John Borofka highlights some of their most popular items.

Fan favorite: Our floating desks are one of our most popular products (above). They simply mount to the wall, creating a full desk setup without taking up the large footprint that a traditional desk does. 

Standout piece: Our Max Minimal is a fully integrated, seamless solution that brings the classic stereo cabinet into the modern age. It combines the joys of playing vinyl on a high-quality turntable with a modern, hi-fi speaker with the ability to stream all the world’s music via Sonos’ intuitive app. And it’s all wrapped up in a high-quality, locally produced white-oak cabinet that’s tuned to the acoustics of the whole system. It’s a pretty special product that’s a lot of fun to use on relaxing mornings or with some friends during weekend revelry.

Who are your customers? Coastal, urban centers—Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco—are a hit for us. We are different from most other options and hear that our use of real wood, green finishes and modern styling resonates with these customers. 

What’s next? We have been working hard on a new collection that’s aimed at the cabinet space. It curates the best of designer style with uncompromising quality. It’s the custom modern look you want, at near-stock prices.