With Wellness Top Of Mind, BLANCO’s Sinks And Faucets Are The Silent Heroes In Maintaining A Germ-Free Kitchen


ariel view of sink with green plants in sink

When one thinks of the healthy kitchen, green recipes and natural ingredients may come to mind. But lately, health has taken on new meaning in the hub of the home—and for good reason. As the central gathering place for all things food and family, the kitchen requires smart choices, from meal prep to sink and surface selections.

The silent heroes in an often-overlooked area of the kitchen, sinks and faucets are fundamental fixtures that should be chosen with style and wellness in mind. No one knows this better than BLANCO, whose sinks and faucets balance both with ease.

Functional + Food-Safe

brown counter with silver sink and vegetables

Enter, SILGRANIT, BLANCO’s patented sink material solution on the front lines of keeping homes clean and healthy. Benefiting from over 35 years of manufacturing and continuous development, the non-porous sink surface delivers the best of form and function, with a smooth, stone-like finish and resistance to stains, scratches, chips, acid and heat. Whether the culprit is spilled wine or fruit, nothing gets in or stays on SILGRANIT.

The groundbreaking material furthers peace of mind with its proprietary Hygiene+Plus surface that acts as a shield against dirt and bacteria, reducing bacterial growth by up to 98 percent. SILGRANIT doesn’t require harsh chemicals to keep clean—just soap and water or baking soda, since the hydrophobic surface pushes away dirt and water so it easily drains away.

Available in a myriad of styles and smart colors, BLANCO SILGRANIT brings style and safety to today’s kitchen.

Hands-Free + Hygienic

white kitchen with black sink

Whether prepping food or dishwashing, hands are always heavy in the mix, especially on the sink and faucet. BLANCO’s SOLENTO Senso faucet collection is changing this with groundbreaking sensor technology that provides an intuitive, hands-free experience.

While its touchless, start-stop technology limits contact with contaminants, its design offers low maintenance with an easy-to-clean closed coil, and convenience with dual spray options.

With SILGRANIT and SOLENTO, BLANCO continues to elevate kitchen design with features that enhance wellness, while delivering thoughtful, contemporary style.