Work|Room In Miami Is Shoppable And Workable All At Once


Interior designers Jennifer Bunsa and Stephanie Denault know how to work a room. The duo has launched Work|Room in the Miami Design District, a shoppable office space where they can test design ideas and focus on materiality and craft. “We wanted to find a light-filled space that was one big open room to foster collaboration and simultaneously function as an office and living room,” says Bunsa, who also uses it as a base for her interior design business, Bunsa Studio. “The idea is that the consumer can walk into a fully realized space and get the sense of how these objects or pieces of furniture relate to their context.” Shoppers won’t find Miami’s trademark white-on-white aesthetic; rather, the vibe is warm and bright, with modern options that still feel like they belong. Work|Room’s focus is on handmade goods, furniture, lighting and artwork sourced from local and national makers and from Bunsa and Denault’s world travels. Shoppers will discover Ben & Aja Blanc, Hawkins New York, pieces from Greece and Italy sourced from Mrs. Mandolin in Buena Vista, and vintage Moroccan rugs that Bunsa came across during a trip to Marrakech. The concept is proof that you can indeed be in two places at once.