Immerse Yourself In Yayoi Kusama’s Magical Infinity Rooms


white cube with different colored windows

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s recently opened exhibition “Yayoi Kusama: Infinite Love” marks the Japanese artist’s inaugural solo presentation in Northern California and allows museumgoers the opportunity to immerse themselves in two of her Infinity Mirror Rooms.

According to Tanya Zimbardo, assistant curator of media arts, the first room, Dreaming of Earth’s Sphericity, I Would Offer My Love (2023), features “colorful circular windows that bridge the all-white gallery space with the work’s darkened kaleidoscopic interior.” Meanwhile, Love Is Calling (2013) is “evocative of a dream-like underwater world, offering a vastly different approach to color, light and sculptural form,” Zimbardo says. Beyond her rooms, the exhibition also showcases a selection of the artist’s sculptures.

“Kusama’s works not only inspire wonder,” Zimbardo continues, “but, for many visitors, poignantly resonate with larger ideas of our relationship to one another and to the environment—the Earth as one dot within the vast universe.”

Photo: Yayoi Kusama, Dreaming Of Earth’s Sphericity, I Would Offer My Love, (2023) © Yayoi Kusama, courtesy the artist, Ota Fine Arts, Victoria Miro, and David Zwirner