Rare Coins And Gemstones: A Designer Launches Dazzling Hardware


Cabinet pulls by Young Huh for Modern Matter shaped like ancient gold coins with gemstones

Hardware by Young Huh for Modern Matter in the shape of a golden salamander

Designer Young Huh has been imbuing New York interiors with warmth and harmony since 2007. Combining modern and classical elements, no two of her projects ever reflect the exact same concept.

Her recent collection of ornate hardware for Modern Matter has provided her with the opportunity to extend her vision even further. Drawing from global influences and comprising jewel-like handles and pulls, the line alludes to the innate forces of nature as much as it does ancient culture.

“We came across beautiful artifacts from the Silk Road. Cameo rings with carnelian carvings, rare coins and old door flourishes reflect our love of history and the items that people leave behind,” Huh says. All meticulously crafted, the metal-smithed adornments are inlaid with various gemstones and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.