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Our entire business model is focused around what is most important to us…our clients. We have gone to and continue to go great lengths to ensure that each customer has a very convenient, pleasurable and professional experience. Our product is our customer satisfaction rating….which is one of the best in the industry! Why? Because we have built our business around our product….our customers! This ensures each client the service level and quality that they rightly deserve.

That is why Austintatious Blinds & Shutters, introduces, the latest in window fashions directly in each customer’s home. We believe that your home is the best place to shop! We want to ensure that each customer is 100% satisfied with their window coverings. We have highly trained experts in the field that come directly to you with the latest and greatest in the window fashion world. We have found that the best way to ensure this satisfaction is to have an expert in the field, on location helping each client choose the perfect window covering. Once the customer has selected their window covering, we carefully measure each window and then calculate the price of the job. This is all done at no charge! Once again, our pricing methodology is based on our customer service principles. Rather than confusing the customer with various hidden charges that are common to the industry

What’s more? We don’t charge for our service…just for the products! And most of time, we can beat anyone’s prices! Great quality, incredible service and unbeatable prices…what’s the catch?

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Austintatious Blinds & Shutters


Austintatious Blinds & Shutters

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