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At its core, bureau is highly architectural with a concentration on memorable interiors that strike a balance between elegance and comfort. Projects echo a client’s desire for a sense of place–a unique, overriding feeling of home. Favoring timeless treatments and palettes while folding in modernity and innovation, our endeavor to merge the two is where our passion lies. Our clients deserve unforgettable spaces, so our commitment to unwavering quality, impeccable taste, and a collaborative full-cycle design process serves to enhance the spaces created and the lives lived within.

Owner/Principal Designer, Matt Donahoe fuses his Midwestern roots with global sensibilities when leading projects. He and his team focus on imagining environments that reflect purpose, individuality, and comfort. A collector of artifacts and objet d’art, Donahoe personally curates each space with well-honed instincts, all in an effort to create environments where attention to detail is evident at every pass. After notable success in design within the retail and hospitality industries, Donahoe has earned distinction for his affability, integrity, and commitment to quality.

Based in Nashville, TN, bureau is a full-service interior design studio offering a comprehensive approach to new construction design, full or partial renovations, and the reimagination of existing spaces. Our studio is located in the vibrant 12 South neighborhood, acting as a home base for projects flung far and wide.

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