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SRW offers a comprehensive range of architectural services specializing in fine residential and commercial designs.
Projects, at their inception, are assigned to a design team made up of staff members under the direction of the firm’s partners. Consulting engineers appropriate to each project are engaged and collaborate throughout the development of the design. Each project team generates a fresh approach to each problem. All project teams are involved with research of the building systems and techniques, design, code analysis, regulatory requirements, contracts, specifications, and general construction procedures. The same team that designs and details the building will also monitor it through construction. In this way, the original design intentions will be realized. The buildings we produce vary in expression to reflect a particular response to each client’s unique needs, site conditions, financial constraints, and schedule, yet they are the result of a consistent design methodology.

SRW is strongly committed to the belief that architecture is capable of enriching the daily experience. Our practice is both practical and humanist, striving to achieve a balance between the economic constraints of daily life and the critical need for long-term quality in our built environment.


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Shope Reno Wharton


Shope Reno Wharton

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