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Smith and Moore Architects is an award-winning architectural practice widely recognized for residential design in traditional and modern styles, finding the origins for our design in the legacy of classicism. Founded in 1984, the firm has designed residences and boutique commercial projects in numerous regions and countries, while focusing primarily on the island of Palm Beach.

The four partners, Harold Smith, Jonathan Moore, Peter Papadopoulos, and Daniel Kahan pride themselves on well versed and creative use of traditional forms to address each project uniquely as a synthesis of modern taste and historical models. We have developed a reputation for combining contemporary construction techniques with tested architectural traditions to create solutions that are not only timeless but meet the needs of modern day living and our clients. Whether focusing on new construction, historic renovations and restorations, we are committed to designing projects that respect and enhance their surroundings.

We approach each of our projects in a holistic manner, understanding the variety of architectural traditions, contextual relationships, and the critical seamless integration of landscape and interior design. Working in close collaboration with landscape and interior designers we create projects with a sense of place and permanence, combining beauty, comfort, quality, and functionality.

Our relationship with our clients is one of immersive collaboration from the initial introduction through the life of the project. We believe an understanding of our clients’ daily lives and their visions for how they want to live to be essential to designing successful projects. Through open and continuous dialog, we make our clients part of the project team.

We employ traditional methods of design, such as hand drawing and model making, while also embracing cutting edge technology and computer design tools. We consistently utilize 3D modeling and 3D printing in not only helping our clients fully understand our proposed solutions, but also in helping us further refine design ideas prior to construction.

We approach our collaboration with artisans and craftsmen as a similarly essential part of every project. Employing the highest quality materials and levels of finesse in design can only be successful with a universally focused project team. We pride ourselves in this collaboration, and in the results being uniquely greater than the sum of their individual parts.

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Smith and Moore Architects


Smith and Moore Architects

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