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Luxe Interiors + Design does more than just connect readers to advertisers. We build strong relationships within local design communities across the country, connecting them to the most affluent homeowners.


What Sets Us Apart

  • We publish over 200 feature stories with design professionals a year, more than any other shelter magazine.
  • We have the most affluent readers across the country, with an average HHI of $1.8M and average net worth of $14.8 million.
  • Our readers own an average of 2.1 homes valued at an average of $2.6M.
  • 79% of our audience reads Luxe Interiors + Design to find the best local products and services.

Luxe Interiors + Design is the fastest growing shelter magazine in the industry. We’ve grown our brand over 6,500% in nine years. Imagine what Luxe Interiors + Design can do for you.

Guaranteed Rate Base:  480,000