Become Immersed In The Nature-Inspired Abstract Works By This Denver Artist


Artist Jessica Magee holding a painting

There’s a sense of bright optimism to the abstract paintings by Denver-based artist Jessica Magee, even when she veers from the fresh pinks, blues and pops of red she often gravitates toward when capturing the organic shapes found in nature.

“I grew up canoeing and always enjoyed the sounds and sights of water moving over river rocks and pebbles. I was super interested in seeing what a colorful interpretation of that memory would be,” she says. “My main intention was to create something soothing to look at.”

Magee begins with a few large gestures, then adds layers of flowing patterns in quick-drying acrylic paints, including the bubble-like forms that have become a hallmark of her work. Also deeply ingrained is Magee’s obsession with color, which she attributes to her background in commercial interior design.

“I treat so many of my pieces as grand studies because I just love playing with color and composition,” she says. “I don’t think there is any color that is off-limits.”

blue, green, white and pink painting