3 Mural-Inspired Wallcoverings That Wow


Give your dinner guests something to talk about with artful mural-inspired designs that seem to leap off the wall.

Palette Pleaser

Mural-Inspired Wallcoverings

Picturesque Vero Beach is captured perfectly in the botanical lushness of this custom, hand-painted Sans Souci silk wallcovering, offering a taste of paradise for the formal dining room by designer Susan Schuyler Smith.

1) Carte Blanc: Take advantage of grand spaces by experimenting with more complex art for your walls. Every painterly detail of this wallcovering has room to breathe while making a perfect conversation starter for those gathered around the table.

2) Neutral Revival: There’s no need to compete with your illustrative wallcovering; instead of bold colors, opt for more neutral hues and architectural detailing, like this crisp white wainscoting, to act as complements in the space.

3) In the Mix: Play with patterns by contrasting your accent wall with other textiles in different motifs. These dining chairs upholstered in pale blue plaid harmonize well with the delicate wallcovering thanks to their shared cool tones.

4) Crafted Charm: Add artisanal accents deserving of your exquisite walls, like a Swedish crystal chandelier and these sculptural Sherwood brass candlesticks, which subtly echo the wallcovering’s organic theme.

Retro Fitting

Mural-Inspired Wallcoverings

Cheerful quatrefoil wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries summons serious midcentury charm in this seating area designed by Joseph Kremer for a Palm Beach escape.

1) Made to Measure: Make vintage-inspired designs work for your room by selecting styles with generous negative space. This classic geometric pattern creates a graphic impact while still providing a clean canvas for distinctive furnishings.

2) Period Piece: Pair your retro wallcovering with some other flourishes that recall your wallpaper’s design decade, like this sofa with its sleek midcentury modern silhouette revived with Osborne & Little fabric.

3) Big Picture: Patterns shouldn’t preclude you from displaying your favorite artwork, as evidenced by this simple floral print; just be sure to play with the scale of the pieces to keep them from looking too busy.

4) Best Foot Forward: Honor your daring walls with some equally striking floor accents. This irresistibly plush shag rug by Patterson, Flynn & Martin proves just as playful as the wallpaper and adds textural depth to the room.

Against The Grain

Mural-Inspired Wallcoverings

Rough-hewn grass-cloth wallcovering by Romo gets the modernist Miami Beach treatment in a Luciana Fragali-designed master bedroom–a perfect refuge within a Venetian Islands family home.

1) Simple Pleasures: Consider woven surfaces when selecting bedroom wallcoverings, as they’re predisposed to playing well with layers of bed linens. This grass cloth introduces dimension to the space without overwhelming the room’s other textiles.

2) High Contrast: Offset an accent wall clad in a heavily textured wallcovering with corresponding walls in a similar hue–the contrast of rough and smooth is more than enough to create a luxe sense of tension in the space.

3) Low Ebb: Don’t hide your statement wall with towering accents; instead, create a clear sight line throughout with low-slung furnishings. The lean profile of this free-floating, upholstered Poltrona Frau bed allows the wallcovering to offer all the visual drama of a headboard.

4) Rise and Shine: Introduce some high-gloss finishes, like these twin Flos lamps in lustrous black, into your space as a refreshing departure from the rough, organic feel of the grass-cloth walls.