Expect Even More Statement Pieces With Purpose From David Wildman In 2020


duvisst furniture table

Lode Shelf

A practicing architect and designer, duVisst’s David Wildman resisted the urge to make furniture for years, but the creative itch persisted. He started with a metal shelf at the end of 2018, and an entire collection grew from there.

“By nature, I’m not very talkative. I make these furnishings because I have something to say,” explains Wildman, who defines his creations as singular statements—design moments that otherwise would be dispersed throughout an entire building, dampening their impact.

His workshop in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston is a playground of exploratory processes that merge modern fabrication methods like laser-cutting and 3D printing with more classical ones such as hand carving and bronze casting.

And although his company name comes from a Norwegian word meaning “an intentional or deliberate act,” Wildman’s influences are diverse—incorporating elements of Scandinavian design but also Asian, Art Deco and others. Uniting them is his commitment to contrast: in color, texture and materials. And with more than a dozen designs available now, he has plans to double the offerings in 2020.

duvist furniture square table