Inspired By Travel, The Kendall Wilkinson x Fabricut Collection Is All About Color


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Drawing inspiration from nature, light and patterns, West Coast designer Kendall Wilkinson has partnered with fabric distributor Fabricut to design her first collection of indoor-outdoor textiles and trims. The new collection, which balances stain-resistant durability with a comfortable, luxurious look and feel, is ideal for upholstery and window treatments, which can be color coordinated for an en suite feel.

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kendall wilkinson fabricut textiles on couch

kendall wilkinson purple couch living room

“All of the inspiration came from my travels: images, moments, sights and even sounds that resonated with me,” Wilkinson says. “My trips to Paris and Mexico significantly inspired me. A lot of the geometrical patterns stem from Paris, particularly how the light reflects and refracts on the architecture. Mexico inspired bright colors and more botanical elements.”

The unique, versatile trim collection represents a completely new territory for Wilkinson creatively. “The colors, materials and design are very transitional, letting you use them boldly or subtly and integrate them flawlessly with the textiles,” she says. “I see the trim very much like the accessories for the home— the shoes or handbag!”