A Nashville Textile Artist Rolls Out A Tropical Collection With Bold Color-Blocking


chair with patterned fabric on seat and pillow

Since 2015, former actress Andra Eggleston has delighted the design industry with Electra Eggleston, a playful array of textiles produced from her Nashville studio and based on the drawings of her father, William Eggleston, a Memphian world-renowned as “the father of color photography.”

Her third rollout, The Rosa Collection—described as a love letter to the vivacious spirit of her late mother—represents a marked departure conjured during a 2016 trip to Costa Rica and combines the organic beauty of tropical flora and fauna with more repetitive patterns she spied in the country’s surrounding architecture.

Printed in Switzerland on Irish linen, the collection’s seven motifs, plus six additional outdoor performance fabrics, employ subtle gradations and bold color-blocking to mimic the artful interplay of light and shadow.