Discover The Arizona Maker Turning Old Materials Into Works Of Art


Artist Laura Madden posing with her abstract artwork

Assortment of black, white and gold mixed media artworks along a white wall

Mixed media gold artwork set against a white canvas

Sustainability and style inspire many different interpretations these days, but perhaps none as artful as Laura Madden’s take. The former model and fitness adviser-turned-artist upcycles old materials (think canvas, plastic, frames, wood, fabric and even paint) and turns them into artworks, often placed inside antique frames for a striking juxtaposition that makes people sit up and take notice. Luxe chatted with Madden to learn more about her work.

Where do you find inspiration? My work in fashion made me really aware of the need for sustainability and drove my desire to reduce my impact. I work with unrecycled plastics and paper as well as fabric remnants sourced from thrift stores, antique shops and people I know. The result is this unrivaled aesthetic. I want people to feel fashionable in their own homes.

Do you have any favorites? One of my favorite aspects of my work is pairing modern abstract art with antique, ornate frames. That mixing of styles has become one of my signatures. With my 3D wall art, the fabric is probably the most popular, and it’s really striking. Textile waste is a big problem, so those pieces are purpose driven—I’m somehow part of the solution.

Are you working on any notable collaborations? I’m working with David E. Adler Fine Rugs on a handful of rug designs based on my art. We started last year, and the project really has legs. I also participate in the Camelback Studio Tour each November. I open up the doors, and it’s a real thrill!